Integration Strategy Template

The Integration strategy provides the technical strategy that will be used to connect service providers and partners that are part of the quickly growing digital business ecosystem.

Strategic goals and drivers include:

  • Technology and product implementation flexibility
  • Development community support and ease of use
  • Connect internal and external service providers to internal and external service consumers
  • Partner management
  • Centralized policy definition and enforcement with minimal impact to service providers and consumers
  • Security and protection for both services being exposed to consumers (outside – in) and services being consumed from providers (inside – out)
  • Insight, monitoring and advanced analytics
  • Fault tolerant, high availability, multi data center deployment
  • Continuous integration / continuous deployment automation
  • Conformance with enterprise architecture and technology standards

For most companies this integration strategy provides a good starting point to enable their digital business efforts.

Bill’s Rules of Integration

I provide expert guidance an many enterprise-wide integration projects.

Here are my top non-technical rules for success:

  1. The details matter
  2. Attention to the details matter even more
  3. Neatness counts
  4. The code is only as good as the analysis
  5. Remove the need for “paper” documentation
  6. Use the tools
  7. Follow a structured development process
  8. Follow a structured change control process
  9. “Outside” governance is important until the team becomes self-governing