Troubleshooting TIBCO BusinessWorks 6

This article is a followup to the article “A Methodical Approach to Problem Solving.” It uses that approach, along with the OSGi overview of TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 in the “TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 Startup” article, to troubleshoot BW 6 applications.

  • When installing updates be sure to read all instructions and notes
  • Use multiple admin methods
  • Logs… logs… logs. Increase logging levels. Find the root cause message.
  • New installations and configurations
    • Start with a common baseline that is known to work
    • Test one baseline change at a time. Incrementally make changes to the baseline and verify after each step.
  • Previously working configurations
    • Simplify suspect areas by replacing complex components with basic components. Auth for example.
    • Simplify by removing complex components that don’t impact the functionality. JNDI for example.
    • Compare suspect areas by comparing with a known working component or environment. Baseline comparisons. Cross-server file comparisons.
  • Recycle everything between changes when troubleshooting
  • Use the OSGi interface