Digitization Center of Excellence

Studies have shown that the incremental ROI and critical success factors for initial projects are different than the incremental ROI and critical success factors over time. Initially, a project implementation focus will provide incremental improvements in ROI. However, a continued project focus will result in the ROI plateauing and then dropping back off. In order to get higher levels of sustained ROI improvements an enterprise focus must be included. This focus will include concepts such as a portfolio roadmap, organization, process, governance, enterprise architecture, standards, and a Center of Excellence.

The Center of Excellence (CoE) is a team that provides leadership, evangelization, best practices, research, support and/or training for a focus area [George, Mark. The lean six sigma guide to doing more with less. 2010. p 261]. The Center of Excellence is also known as Competency Center, Capability Center, or Center of Evangelism.

The primary role of the Digitization Center of Excellence is to drive and guide the adoption, use, and maturity of world-class software development practices across the enterprise. It will provide the technical and non-technical foundation that will enable the delivery of innovative and extreme value solution.

The CoE organizationally fills the vehicle for change, governance body, solution development, and body of expertise roles. The following diagram illustrates a role and responsibility approach to organizing the CoE.

The Digitization CoE works in conjunction with Enterprise Architecture as the enablement arm for digital platform focused projects and solutions.

Platform Governance should be viewed as the application of Business governance, IT governance, and EA governance to the digital platform. In effect, platform governance extends IT and EA governance, ensuring that the benefits of digitization are met. This requires governing not only the execution aspects of the platform, but also the strategic planning activities [Open Group SOA Governance Framework]. In practice, the Architecture Review Committee (ARC) will provide platform governance oversight based on the criteria set by the Digitization CoE.

In the beginning the CoE operates as a service center and works closely with key projects to provide expert resources and ensure success. Over the longer term the CoE moves to support center and steering group models. It changes focus from project implementation to enterprise enablement.