15 Software Development Practices

McKinsey & Company identified the fifteen practices listed below that help define a world-class software-development organization.

  • Setup decisions that guide the strategic road map
    • Cloud-migration path
    • Platform choice
    • Microservices/container architecture
  • Product-management practices to aid in product conceptualization and design
    • Product-management experience
    • Human-centric design
  • Product-development practices to build and test quality solutions
    • DevOps with Continuous integration/Continuous deployment (CI/CD)
    • Test automation and Test-driven development (TDD)
    • API-based architecture
    • Productivity and quality
  • Product-delivery practices to ensure quality delivery
    • Analytics and use of telemetry
    • A/B testing
    • Community-driven development
  • Enabling elements to plan and operate
    • Portfolio management and product economics
    • Talent and governance
    • Product security and risk management

McKinsey&Company. An executive’s guide to software development. Feb 2017.