Strategies for Migrating Applications to the Cloud

TIBCO Software has adopted a cloud first strategy. However, there are many companies who have large portfolios of applications that aren't running in the cloud. Options to deal with these applications are:

  • Replace: As mentioned above, this is when you replace an application on premise via a SaaS offering. An example of this is when users adopt Salesforce
  • Rehost: This is when you “lift and shift” your application from your own systems onto a cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform without modifying the applications
  • Refactor: Similar to rehosting, you modify the application so that it can begin to take advantage of basic cloud capabilities
  • Rearchitect: This is when you significantly change the application so you can benefit from cloud-native capabilities
  • Rebuild: In this option, you start from scratch and build the application specifically to take advantage of cloud-native capabilities of the platform you are going to leverage

These are similar to the following six common application migration strategies described by Stephen Orban of Amazon AWS.

  1. Rehosting
  2. Replatforming
  3. Repurchasing
  4. Refactoring/Rearchitecting
  5. Retire
  6. Retain

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