John Zachman Introduction to Enterprise Architecture

John Zachman gave a very good presentation on Enterprise Architecture and The Zachman Framework at The Open Group, San Diego, Feb. 2015. A transcript of the presentation (without visuals) is also available. The presentation is about 1 hour long.

It is my opinion that everyone that is interested in general management operations should take the time to watch this video.

Even if:

  • you think that Enterprise Architecture is a waste of time you will learn something
  • you think that Enterprise Architecture is an IT concern you will learn something
  • you think you know The Zachman Framework you will learn something

One of his final points that I have strongly believed in for many years is that Enterprise Architecture should become a General Management Operational Process and not simply an IT exercise.

The Concise Definition of The Zachman Framework by: John A. Zachman provides a quick overview of The Zachman Framework but I strongly recommend watching the video first.

A further discussion of single variable models can be found in Zachman’s article “Architecture Artifacts vs Application Development Artifacts.” At the time of this post it could be found online here and here.

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